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Why Rwanda?

Rwanda is known as the land of

‘the thousand hills’ and visitors will truly understand why when visiting this beautiful country. Rwanda is blessed with a magnificent landscape and wildlife within its three national parks. The Volcanoes National Park is situated in the north of the country and is most famous for the gorilla trekking activity, Akagera National Park borders Tanzania and is therefore the best spot to view game. The Nyungwe National Park is situated in the south of Rwanda and is home to a unique birdlife and the first Tree Canopy Walkway in Eastern Africa.



Nonstop flights from European hubs into Kigali, connecting flights via Nairobi

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Temperate tropical highland climate, with lower temperatures than usual for equatorial countries due to Rwanda's high elevation


High season from mid-June-Sept and Dec-Feb,

the long rains are from March-May 


Rwandan Franc is the local currency

Time Zone

ET: +7

Areas of Interest


Volcanoes National Park

Nyungwe Forest 

Akagera National Park

Yolanda Photo.png

Yolanda Woeke

Local Expertise

Of course, gorilla trekking is the top attraction in Rwanda, but I encourage everyone to take the time to visit Kigali, meet the locals and learn the history of this small but mighty country, such a humbling story that fills me with hope and awe.

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